Visual and Special Effects (VFX) pre-production management


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Direct Client: Bonsaininja Studio www.bonsaininja.com
End Clients: Rain Corp. e Joyce Cox


The management of the pre-production process of Visual and Special Effects (VFX) for movies and documentaries starts from the screenplay, and it is a complex activity.

Indeed, several steps are needed:

  • Analysis of single shots, scenes, sequences
  • Analysis of VFX types and applications
  • Assignment of complexity ratings to single units
  • Estimation of the cost for each unit
  • Management of the budget and the bidding among potential suppliers

Currently, there is no web-based solution to make this process automatic.


4400 is an online system that supports the whole management of the Visual and Special Effects (VFX). With a modular interface, the system enables several functionalities:

  • Automatic screenplay parsing
  • Sequence creation and editing
  • VFX Shots Details management
  • Automatic and granular estimation of costs
  • Editing of costs and budgets
  • Bid process management
  • Info-graphics ad Bird-eye views on the whole project


The Client dramatically reduced the time needed to manage the VFX pre-production process, gaining control over each phase and activity involved.