Smart management of Electric Vehicles charging infrastructure


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Direct Client: Softeco Sismat
End Clients: Siemens, Enel, Nhp


Siemens Italy has to develop a management system for the electric vehicles charging units network. The projects involves several complex tasks to tackle:

  • user recognition
  • consumption data collection
  • billing
  • remote management of charging units with different producers
  • electric network management
  • integration with other management systems

All these challenges must be tackled keeping a high service availability and a strong system redundancy and enabling and easy and scalable growth for the whole system.


Thanks to the collaboration with Softeco Sismat, leading company in mission-critical Enterprise solutions, WellD took part in the development of the communication protocol between the Backend and Charging Units.

WellD developed the interface for the operators that manage the Charging Network, a public web portal and a mobile app for the end users of Electric Vehicles. The interface allows the management of several clients from a single installation, adapting the communication with external services.


The system is now in production and handles more than 2’000 charging units, both public and privately held, for several end clients such as Enel and Italian Post. The highly scalable architecture allows for a fast growth of the system and WellD is currently managing and developing new features and functionalities.