eHealth for Spinal Cord Injury


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Direct client: Swiss Paraplegic Foundation


In the healthcare domain, information seeking on the Internet is weakly guided and supported. Therefor, the Swiss Paraplegic Foundation (SPF) decided to create a web platform to communicate and share information on Spinal Cord Injury. The web portal needed to include scientific information, interactive communication systems and health monitoring and tracking functions. The portal must guarantee high accessibility, usability and content quality standards.


WellD developed the web platform, including several functional modules:

  • Dedicated Social Network
  • Thematic Forum
  • Think-Tank to share problems and ideas
  • Library of scientific information adapted for laypeople
  • Health tracking and monitoring system for people affected by Spinal Cord Injury

The web portal manages several users’ profiles, with different functionalities at disposal:

  • People affected by Spinal Cord Injury
  • Health professionals
  • Researchers

All information published on the web portal is constantly monitored by experts, that guarantee their quality and relevance.


Since its first launch (December 2013) several users are communicating and finding professional counseling, help, and advice on Paraforum.