STWeb Mobile

Electric Distribution Network mobile monitoring

STWeb Mobile

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Direct Client: Softeco Sismat
End Clients: Siemens, Enel


Monitoring the electric power distribution network in a whole Country is a complex task that requires tools to gather, integrate, summarize, and visualize updated information. The operators need to be immediately warned about problems and interruptions, and provided with the necessary information to handle critical situations.

Given this problem, a complex web system was developed to match these requirements. However, a mobile system that allowed the monitoring outside the central control offices was lacking.


WellD collaborated with Softeco Sismat to the development of the STWeb Mobile application, targeted to smartphones and tablets. The project has the same modular architecture of its web counterpart, with several tools integrated in a single core.
The main functionalities are:

  • User login and view permissions management
  • Work plans’ management
  • Geographic mapping of the current interruption rate with cause-based filters
  • Interruption map with Google Maps API
  • Data Interruptions Tables and reporting, filtered per Region or Typology of Client


Technical personnel and operators can now access a real-time monitoring environment to gain an immediate understanding of the state of electric power distribution network, improving the efficacy of interventions and planned network developments.