For ICT solutions: development, analysis, consultancy

Development services

Software Analysis and Development

WellD is an ideal partner for consultancy on the analysis and the programming of software solutions. Our analysts help you throughout the whole lifecyle of your software, from the initial phases of requirement elicitation to the maintanance and updating of your software product. We do all this by coming directly to your place and fast integrating our skills in your team and in your working practices.

SW Architecture and DevOps

WellD provides end-to-end support for the design of complex software architectures that require specific patterns and tools (e.g. microservices, containerization) and imply the configuration and adoption of DevOps tools. The clients are accompanied and gradually introduced to new instruments, from versioning to continuous integration and contiuous delivery, with the ultimate goal of process optimization.

Web Applications

By web applications or RIA (Rich Internet Applications) we mean the cluster of software and modules that WellD offers to sustain specific goals of our Clients. These applications run via web browsers, blending the ease-of-use of the web and the rich functions of traditional client-desktop applications. Beside the end-user licence on these products, WellD offers an all-in-one maintanance and assistance service for its Clients. The applications can be tailored or build ad-hoc on the basis of specific requirements of the Client.

Mobile Solutions

The web is evolving towards technologies allowing everyone to access contents not only from everywhere, but also on a variety of devices. You can now easily access a website and its services throug a Palm, a Mobile Phone, a Smartphone or an iPod/iPad. This is a great enhancement for your communication and your visibility. WellD can analyze, design, and implement multichannel systems dedicated to these new devices and makes your website accessible from any portable computer, tablet, or phone.

Websites , Web portals, E-commerce

WellD Sagl offers personalized solutions for websites development. From basic websites promoting products and activities to complex and advances web systems that allow Clients to manage their online presence. WellD guarantees high quality standards in terms of usability, accessibility, and technological advancement. Beyond the technical infrastructure, WellD offers content production and management services to make the product fit for the communicative needs of our Clients. WellD offers the development of dedicated e-commerce systems, customly designed or intergrated in existing infrastructures.

Information Systems

The ability to manage information easily, securely, and integrated is one of the key success factors for every business. Modern web technologies offer more and more refined solutions to manage activites such as production, selling, human resources management, customer care, and other characterizing your business. WellD offers the design and the development of Online Informative Systems (Web Information Systems) to manage information and activities from all over the world, preserving the principles of efficacy and high security standards.

Consultancy services

Web Analysis and Online Promotion

WellD analyzes the usability and accessibility of existing web applications, and implements solutions to enhance your online positioning and to exploit the potentialities offered by online promotion. WellD offers services of website analysis and redesign in order to make your application conform to the current quality standards (W3C).

Strategic Consultancy

WellD offers consultancy services to plan your internal and external communication, alongside analyses of your working practice. Moving from these analysis, it is possible to elaborate a technological solution that can maximize the efficacy and effeciveness of your business, avoiding losses in terms of time and resources. The adoption of modern technologies requires a careful analysis. Our consultancy is aimed at providing you with the necessary expertise.

Training and support services

Training and Coaching

WellD offers specialized training classes for companies, institutions, and non-profit organizations on a plethora of technolgies encompassing every development layer (JavaEE, JSF, JavaScript, html5, css3, Hibernate, iOS Programming, etc.). The classes are tailored on the Clients' specific needs, on the intial knowledge, and on the number of participants. WellD training experience grows from internal workforce: teachers are normally collaborators with years of experience on the field.

Projects setup support

WellD offers a unique service: a specific and guided consultancy to boost the initial setup of the development environment for web and software applications. This service minimizes development costs, reduces architectural errors, and allows the Client to focus only on development. Our consultants guide you through architectural choices, intial components and frameworks setup, and integration phases.

Benchmarking and Audits

It might be difficult to orientate in an ever-changing world of products and solutions for web and software development. WellD puts its compentence at the service of the Client, offering a comparative analysis of specific software solutions and helping the Client making the best possible choices. Alongside the On-site training and the Projects setup support, this benchmarking activity complements our integrated consultancy service. Entirely powered by WellD.