How we work

Our goal is to deliver
a great product.

Crafting good software is an ever changing discipline. In the last decade we refined our process with two main goals: provide our customers with the best product and establish good practices for our team.

This effort results in the adoption of a specific pipeline from initial planning to final deploy. For each phase we automate everything we can and leave room for specific actions (code review, peer programming…) that can raise the bar.

Our product delivery process map

We follow a dynamic
linear process.

From the client’s perspective, we refine the requirements, share our planning, and provide short-term demos showcasing the state of development. The client is in full control of the advancements of the process, while being guided and counselled through each phase.

From the developer’s perspective, we adopt a recursive AGILE (Scrum) methodology, with daily scrums, code reviews, pair programming sessions - all favoured and boosted by automated devops pipelines.

Our dynamic linear process map

Our tech stack

"The only way to go fast, is to go well"

Robert C. Martin, Clean Architecture

We offer a strong competence in a variety of programming languages, libraries, frameworks, and technologies. We cover every layer of a typical software architecture: frontend, backend, persistence and infrastructure.

We currently mostly exploit Java/Kotlin, React/React Native with a TypeScript flavour, and Kubernetes to orchestrate our artifacts.

We are always dedicated to keep our tech stack on track with modern standards, evolving with discipline and control over the technologies we adopt.

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